Running for Fire: Chapter 6

My vision blurred and pressure appeared around my head, the world slowing down to almost standstill, before taking off at three times the speed. We were running, and my sword was drawn, jumping onto the motorbikes. Cas was driving, and I dug my knees into the seat so I could grab my gun with my hands. Pete was driving the other with Mel on the back. Mel and I were holding guns, training them on the runners following us.


“I know, I know just hang on Mel, there must be a way…”

I knew he was looking for a way out, a way to get out of here without killing the soldiers. They were from TJP, I could see that know, and I didn’t know why Mel had said they weren’t. All I knew is that we were going to have to kill them. And that makes me feel sick. I’ve been trained to do this my whole life, I know how to handle a gun, and I know how to kill. No one else has killed before. Not Cas, not Mel, not Pete. I have.

The dark wood panels of Metropolis’ walls were burning, and I was protecting the others from the blaze, my wings outspread, keeping them from harm as we ran towards the exit. We were going o find motorbikes in the shed, along with money, it was an escape route that had been planned for years. A crash and crunch, the noise of destruction, out of the wall to our right a soldier ran through the wall, burning bits of debris tumbling out after him. His eyes widened in excitement as he saw us, we had been thrown to the floor in the impact, and the others were crying out, we had landed on a burning beam. Smoke was filling their lungs, but not mine. The soldier raised his gun at Pete. Manic laughter echoing out of his mouth. I didn’t even hesitate, I trained my gun on his head and pulled the trigger. The dull blow shot, and he crumpled to the floor.

I thought of that feeling, he feeling of pain and guilt and urgency, and I looked at my Mel, her hands shaking on the gun, at Pete, yelling that we would have to kill them, I felt Cas’ shudder against my back. I looked at Mel’s face, lined with grim determination. What would this do to her? Would she ever sleep again, knowing that she had killed people? I didn’t even hesitate. I raised my gun at the soldiers in the car, two in the front, and one in the back.

It only took three shots.


I don’t remember the rest of hat journey. All I know is that it was long, and my arms were tired from clinging to Cas. I also know that we were silent. No words were spoken between us, no cheers, and no shouts of joy. They all knew I had killed those three men, those three people that I will never know the names of, because I didn’t want Mel to have to do it. I didn’t want any of them to have to kill, I didn’t want me to have to kill, but I had killed someone before.

I’m not naïve, I know that all of us getting out of this wild chase across the country, the search for Metropolis alive and well is unlikely, and that my conscience is already being pushed down upon by the knowledge that I have killed four people. Four.

I didn’t regret it. I never had regrets, or tried not to anyway. I never hated what I was, because I don’t know how I became this, and I don’t know if it will last. But I don’t regret killing the three soldiers, because they would have died either way, and it means that if Harry Potter is right, which it normally is, that Mel, Cas and Pete have whole, pure souls.

My soul is in pieces.

Four. I have killed four people. On my consciousness, on my back. I will learn to deal with it.

“In here”. Cas speaks from in front of me, sure enough, a hotel has loomed into view, a tall brick building of the side of the dual carriageway we are driving down.

After that, we all move as a perfect team, the four of us together, nothing has changed. Unless we are still working as a flawless team because we don’t know how else to act. Mel and Cas go in and get a twin room whilst Pete and I park and chain the bikes. Then we wait. My phone bleeps. We all have mobiles with industrial batteries and battery chargers. We have a lot of spare batteries. Mel has simply put “facing the trees.”

Going round to the side of the hotel that faces an out crop of trees and bushes, we wait and till there is a thump as the keys are thrown out of the window. Picking up the keys to room 104, we walk into the looming building.


omnia in finem ardebit


Running For Fire- Chapter 5

“Tallie, Tallie! Get up right now!” Cas’ urgent whispering wakes me up. The sleeping bag around me rustles as I jerk awake, my eyes snapping open.  Cas is leaning over me, tousled hair and rumpled clothes, his eyes filled with urgency.

“There are people in the woods. Searching with torches.”

What?” Fear pummelled me. Had TJP found us?

“Get up. Mel and Pete have just left to find out what they’re doing, we have to pack everything up.” He jumps up and hurries from the tent, quickly and quietly beginning packing. Of course, Pete can blend against the trees, basically become invisible, and Mel just needs to get close to them to hear their thoughts. They are the perfect team when it comes to getting information. Pushing down the feeling of uselessness, knowing that Cas should be meditating, trying to see something about what is going to happen.

Jumping up, I shove on a jumper and gear jacket over my thermal t-shirt, changing my leggings to jeans and lacing up my combat boots before begin to pack everything away.

10 minutes later, me and Cas were hidden in the trees surrounded by the tent and our few belongings. I was breathing fast, both of us were carrying our weapons of choice. We all hated guns, although we did carry a few, so we kept to the olden times, the weapons that nobody expected us to carry. Cas was carrying a bow and arrow, he had better aim than anyone. I was holding a long, thin sword, ideal for moving fast, and had four throwing knives clipped to my weapons belt. We crouched amongst the branches, waiting for either Mel or Pete to return, or for the searchers to appear. The bikes were blow us, hidden but ready for us to clip on the bags and drive.

A rustle whispered through the trees, a murmur of wind, or something else. Sure enough, Pete appeared below us, shifting from the exact colour and texture of dead leaves to his dishevelled self.  He spotted us and carefully made his way through the close-growing branches climbing up to the branch where we both perched..

“It’s them, kind of. It’s a group of people employed to look for us, not TJP itself. We have to move, anyhow.” We always trusted Petes’ logic. If he said to run, we ran, if he said to fight, we fought.

“Where’s Mel?” Cas’ voice was, steady, we all knew how to act in bad situations. Don’t panic. Don’t be reckless, evaluate all solutions. I am so bad at that. Jay used to get so frustrated.

“Being braves all well and good cupcake, but not if it gets you killed.” Despite what was going on, I couldn’t help the pang of grief- none of us knew who was dead, who was alive.

No fear ran through my veins, but adrenaline was beginning to pump up to my brain, blurring my vision. I wanted to run and fight them. I wanted to feel fire pouring from my hands. I wanted-

Tallie! Come on, we have to move, Mel’s already packing up the stuff, we have to go, now!” Pete’s voice cut through the recklessness.

Together the three of us leapt from our hiding places, landing silently on the dry-dirt floor. Grabbing the bags and packs from around us, a weirdly small amount for four people, we began to run.

Years of training had taught us how to run both quickly and quietly, so that we moved almost soundlessly through the undergrowth, our toes spread to out to gain as much surface area as possible, making us lighter and more nimble. It was still dark, and through the branches I could see the dark blue night sky, the stars nothing but a flash as to my fast moving self.

As quiet as the four of us were, the same couldn’t be said for the motorbikes. Mel had dug them both out from the dense branches and undergrowth they were hidden under, and was waiting for us anxiously, her beautiful face lined with worry that disintegrated as we came into view. The four of us worked as a perfect seamless team, and strapping the stuff to the bikes and wheeling them down the track was done efficiently. We had to move, we knew it, but if we started up the bikes now, we would be found within seconds.

Mel, Cas and I turned to Pete, waiting for instructions, he was scanning around planning. He turned to us, a sharp edge of panic in his eyes.

“Ok, we need to move, now, but we’re going to be slow. So Cas, I need you to focus, if we need anything right now, it’s for us to see the future. Mel, same for you. We need to know every thought going through their minds, but don’t tell us until we are far away, and safe. Tallie, you and I need to get the bikes moving. You two”, he said to Mel and Cas, “run ahead, don’t worry about us.”

Nodding, Cas and Mel ran down the track, getting themselves out of harm’s way so they can centre themselves, and try and get some information. Me and Pete grab a bike each by its handle bars and get moving pushing them down the track- trying and failing to be quiet.

I don’t like this sort of action. I like fighting, the flash of steel, the wind twisting around me as I dove out of the sky, I like pumping heart beats and hair plastered to my neck with sweat. I like the fire pumping through my veins. I didn’t like running with two incredibly bulky motorbike, my rucksack bouncing on my back, my sword in its hilt hitting my hip.

We final emerged from the track onto the small country lane, high hedges hiding us from view, we swung the bikes round, getting ready to run when light exploded from the trees, torchlight lighting our faces, reflecting of the curled metal exterior of the bike.

A loud, excited voice cut through the air like a knife. It was young and hopeful. They had found their prize.

“Over there! People! With motorbikes- oh dudes I think it’s them! GO, GO, GO!”

They had seen us.

And they were coming.

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Running for Fire- Chapter 4

This little camping site meant a lot to me. I thought it was so human of us to have built ourselves another home in the absence of our own. The fire that crackled in the middle of the clearing, I had produce it out of thin air before me and Mel left, was surrounded by mats, and cooking stuff. A saucepan of boiling water was nearby, as well as the cooler bags that contained food and lean water. Cas was laying out the pot noodles, as well as the other ins and non-perishable food we had bought. Mel scowled and then laughed at me as he pulled a massive bar of chocolate out of the last bag. I just smiled at her innocently.

Shaking my hair out of my face, I sat down close to the fire, feeling it seep into my bones, warming me up. Because of the way I was, I tended to get cold really easily. It was never a big issue though, because when I got too cold, I could simply set myself on fire. Fire didn’t burn me, nor did most hot things, but I didn’t last forever. My clothes, unless they were fire proof, burnt, and my skin burnt too, after a while. When my wings were out, I tended to last a lot longer, which was something none of us could explain. Since I was about 10, I had started wearing fire proof underwear (thankyou metropolis), due to the fact that Cas kept randomly setting fire to me.

I had got used to the heaviness of fire proof clothing, but it annoyed me on the agility front. I used to be the fastest out of us, and my ability to duck around an opponent was my best skill. Me and Pete used to fight for hours on end, him being stronger and me being faster, it was almost impossible for either of us to win.

Pete was talking now, telling us his latest theory. His idea this time was that this whole escape was part of our training, a challenge and test to see how well we would last.

Mel laughed then looking at Pete, “You do know that you could be a brilliant master criminal, right?”

Pete just grinned at her.

“Yeah Pete! You could be Moriaty! Or Voldemort! No- wait, I didn’t mean-“

Too late. He had already morphed his features to become Voldemort.

Roaring with laughter, Pete changed back.

Still grinning Mel asked us all if we wanted anymore noodles. I had already downed two tubs, so I declined. So did Pete.

Cas, however, didn’t reply, he was looking at me, but his eyes were unfocused.


Cas visibly snapped out of his thoughts, as Mel was looked at him, questioningly.

“Sorry, I was lost in thought-“

“As per usual” I interrupted, letting a flame tickle up my arm.

“- what did you say” he finished, ignoring me..

“I said, would you like anymore noodles?”

“No thanks, I’m good.”

“Okay. I’m going to bed, we should move tomorrow.” None of us said anything, but we all caught the wobble in Mel’s voice. The uncertainty that we didn’t know if we would find somewhere else was evident on all our faces.

“I’ll come” Pete’s voice was soft, and the two of them stood, glancing at Cas and me questioningly.

“You two?” Petes voice was tired, so was his face, but his eyes were alive and dancing with the reflected flames from the fire.

“I’m staying here, this is the first time I have been properly warm in ages.”  I was practically lying in the fire, playing with it as it danced and twisted around my fingers.. To anyone else, fire was dangerous, a hazard. But to me, it was beautiful, amazing, part of me.

“I’m staying too” Cas replied to Mel.

Pete and Mel smiled, nodding, before walking into the trees in the direction of the tent.

Cas stood up and lay a little way from me , otherwise the fire would burn him. I turned over and grinned at him, before rolling away from the flames, putting me and my hair out, and lay next to him. The stars above them reflecting in their eyes.

“Let them out” Cas whispered, the words they were barely audible over the crackle of the flames.

“What?” I turned my head, looking at him, her eyes sparkling with surprise.

“Let your wings out. I can tell you want to.”

She smiled, a cheesy grin spreading over her face. “You know me so well.”

I closed my eyes, steadying myself. He I reached to the back of my mind and found the pulsating energy I had discovered a long time ago. I embraced it, feeling the rush of energy and adrenaline. Arching my back, I heard the snap as my wing popped free. Immediately my senses sharpened, as did my thoughts. I could feel the soft breeze in my hair, the crackle of the fire, and the infinite strength and power I always felt when my wings were out

Beautiful, dark wings, strong and powerful, the exact shade of the night sky. Thick, tough feathers changing perfectly into hard scales.  I let a smile grow on my face as I relaxed, feeling relaxed and at peace. I stretched out, my wings extending, passing over the fire. My wings were completely fireproof and I just felt a tickling sensation along with the beautiful feel of warm, spreading towards me. Closing my eyes, I breathed it in.

I sighed, opening my eyes drowsily. Curling against Cas, I put my head on his chest, listening to the steady his heart beat. I folded my wings neatly folding neatly against my back, steading my breathing. Cas carefully put his arms around me, and I exhaled, feeling properly safe for the first time in a while.

Just before my breathing steadied into a complete rhythm, I whispered, “Love you Cas”.

“Love you too Tallie”.

And then we just lay under the blanket of the stars for a long time. The swish of my wings, the whisper of the wind and our breaths, rising and falling in unison. I gently brought my wings back into myself, feeling the normal slight dizziness as my mind adjusted. I then closed my eyes, knowing I could fall asleep, and that Cas would carry me to the tent.

-omnia in finem ardebit

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Running for Fire: Chapter 3

Currently, the four of us are camping in some woodland about five miles out of the little town, I‘m not entirely sure where we are in the country, none of us do, but we have all become quite fond of this little wood that we are huddling in. When we first begin the search for Metropolis, about a month ago, we stopped at a camping place and bought a four man tent, and camping stuff. We had escaped on two motor bikes, with camping stuff on our backs and about five thousand pounds between us.

Me and Mel are busy hiding the bike in the hedge, covering it well. Lately, everything is passing in some kind of dream, everything is so surreal. Just describing my life sounds bizarre to me, let alone to anyone else. Four 16 year olds, with supernatural powers, are on the run from the whole world’s most dangerous terrorist group, and we are camping. (hen again, that kind of sounds relatable to the last Harry Potter)

Then again very little of my life ever makes sense.

The world is so exciting to me, and I sometimes wonder if I am exciting to it. I know I’m not normal, I’m not that naïve, but I cannot cease to be amazed by beautiful the world is, how perfectly irregular it is. Surely, if trees that grow and birds that fly are accepted, we can be too?

We all have slightly different opinions about what was going on right now, Cas was with me, and was just gazing around with wonder at everything mundane or boring. It’s not like we haven’t been outside before, but never with so much freedom, never with so much responsibility. It makes it so much more beautiful, somehow.

Mel is trying to hold us all together. She is our root, our anchor, the one we all rely on with her endlessly calm demeanour and kindness. She is incredibly brave, and incredibly kind, and she sees the world differently to anyone I know.

Pete is a strategist. He has carefully planned out everything, and has a billion plans and theories about how we are going to survive, about where Metropolis is and what it is doing, because we all know that it isn’t gone. Metropolis has always seemed alive to all of us. That massive old house had its own spirit, and the people of Metropolis worked together in a perfect, seamless team.  Pete understood Metropolis more than any of the rest of us, and he was connected to it in a way none of the rest of us were.

“Have you got food?”

“Wow Cas. No ‘Oh my God I’m glad you’re okay Tallie.”

“You’re overreacting Tallie, as usual. You went shopping. Now shut up and give me the pot noodles.” Cas grin came out of trees, followed by the rest of him. Tall and tan, with floppy brown hair and a cheeky face, he could be a Hollister model.

“Fine, but you’re carrying the bags back up the hill you lazy oaf.”

“Deal” With a wink and a grin, he grabbed all the bags from Mel and me, and ran up the tree covered hill.

I turn to Mel, laughing slightly, Cas always managed to make me laugh, but stopped immediately when I saw her face. She was staring up after Cas, looking shocked and worried.

“Mel? Mel, what is it?”

She turns to me, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before giving me a smile.

“Nothing, don’t worry, I- it’s nothing.”

I don’t worry about it. We don’t lie to each other, not ever, and especially not now. With a fleeting glance back to where both of our bikes are hidden, the two of us walk up the hill.

When we arrive at the clearing, Pete has built up the fire, and is warming his hands on it, whilst Cas is carefully splitting the boiled water between four Original Curry Pot Noodles.

Pete glances up at us as we walk over. The tent is set up a little way away, hidden in the trees.

“All good?” Pete’s dark skinned face, as similar to me as my own, has worry lines etched all over it- a side effect of losing your home and the only stable thing in your life. I’d like to say that the four of us were stable, but we are far from it. Our love for each other is, but us in ourselves are exploding and freezing and changing. All of us are still fighting with ourselves, knowing that we have to win, because if we don’t we have no power over our abilities. No power over ourselves. Pete’s smiling brown eyes are looking at Mel, knowing he was less likely to get a sarcastic answer. He was, as usual, correct.

“All good.” Mel confirms, knowing that those two words give him all the information he needs. It is one of the perks of growing up with the same 3 people, you learn to understand each other in a way that is possible only to twins otherwise. I can read every word and every motion to the point that I can almost see everything thing in everyone’s head.  But that’s Mels’ power, not mine.

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Running for Fire: Chapter 2

I’m guessing I need to explain right? Let me get some things straight. I don’t have permanent butterfly wings sticking out of my back, and yes, I do have arms. I have, what’s the word? Retractable wings I guess. Because I can make them appear or disappear at will. They are definitely not butterfly wings, either. Each one is a mixture of feathers subtly turning into scales, and they are inky purple, or inky blue. They are strong, too. Incredibly strong and agile and fast.  This is why I need a big room, so that I can practice. It sounds stupid and weird and childish and pathetic and all of that crap, but I had to except it long ago, and if I hadn’t grown up in Metropolis, I would have probably died.

Let’s be honest, my wings are kind of badass.

I have had to put up with being slightly different to the other three, and that’s okay, I have dealt with it up to now, I can carry on dealing with it.

I was curled on the platform, trying to make myself as small as possible. There were lots of platforms like this one dotted up the walls, at different intervals. I was 12, my hair longer and purple, as I had dyed it.

Footsteps echoed into the chamber. “Tallie?” Cas’ voice called. “Tallie I know you are up there.”

“You can go, Cas, I’m fine.” Damn it my voice broke. Weakling.

“Look I know that arsehats’ words got to you, but you know that they aren’t true right? It’s not like his opinion matters anyway, he was just a stupid caretaker.”

“I know, Cas, I’m fine.”

“If you don’t come down I am going to sing really loudly.”

“Cas, don’t-”


“Cas shut up it’s like midnight!”


“Oh for god’s sake!” I jumped up uncurling my wings and flying straight into him so we were sprawled on the mat before he could yell another line. Rolling off him, we scrambled to our feet, laughing.

“American Idiot? Really?” I asked, laughing. Together we walked, side by side, out of the room and down the corridor.

“Don’t you DARE dis Green Day!” He said, mock-glaring at me.

“Hey, relax dude, I would NEVER dis Green Day.” I laughed elbowing him in the stomach as we walked.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He turned, stopping, and put a hand on each of my shoulders, forcing me to look at him. I meet his gaze.

“I’m okay… now. It just… he just said what I worry you are all thinking.” I finish quietly, looking down.

“Tal! You honestly think that any of us have even had the thought that you are a monster, or unnatural? We all love you Tallie, and you are amazing. Yeah?” He says, laughing slightly.

“I’m pretty sure it is very rain to agree to that.” I mumble, trying to hide the fact I am blushing.

“Go for it.” He grins.

“Go on then- I wholeheartedly agree with your statement and fully believe that I am amazing!” I shouted in my most pompous voice, laughing hysterically afterwards.

“Don’t you forget it.” Says Cas, laughing to.

Cas liked my wings, when I confessed to him later that they made me feel isolated, he told me that I shouldn’t think of them as separate. They were part of me, just extra limbs, and I had to except them as that, because they weren’t going away.  He told me that he, nor the other two had ever thought me as different, and probably never would. We never judged anyone, we still don’t.  We know what it is like to be judged on sight.

Growing up in Metropolis was an, amazing, if not eccentric upbringing. We were not taught math or German, but were taught how to break into high security buildings.  We were always training, either in our rooms, the gym or the meditation room.  To start with, I had to meditate on my own, because I tended to set fire to things as I did. Like Pete’s’ trousers.

Good Times.

I wish more than anything we could be back there, we are all 16, and I wanted to finish my childhood. I wanted to stay up all night, set fire to any work that came my way, learn how to drive a moped in the corridors. All the things that made me, me. We would survive, the four of us. We were a pretty kick ass opponent, to be fair.  Like Jay always said, “The main reason you are powerful is not due to your abilities, but to the fact that you are together, and love each other, and each of you value the others’ lives before your own. Stay together; stay strong, stay safe.”

That was the last thing he ever said to us.

If Mel was our anchor, Jay was our steering system. He was our guide, or tutor, out teacher, our friend. He ran Metropolis on love and trust, not war and greed. He had four of the best weapons in the world at his hands, yet he did not use us. He respected us in a way that made us respect him. He wasn’t quite our dad, but he was perhaps our uncle. He made up for both of our parents for all of us in all the ways that matter. I don’t know what we would have done without him.

We need him now.

We are doing as he said, following the plan that we know so well, what to do if Metropolis falls. We run. We hide. We survive. We don’t go to major cities but nor to rural areas. Towns, large villages, that sort of thing.

And we keep running.

We run until we are found. If it is by Metropolis, we are safe, plan succeeded. If it is by TJP, we fight. They are not difficult instructions to understand, but they are difficult to do. I always thought I would love it, the running, but it’s so scary, so absolutely terrifying that I start to wonder how much power we actually have. Every shadow, every person, every car whizzing fast is unsafe. Jay would tell us to use our fear as a weapon, use our paranoia to keep us on edge, keep us on the look-out. So that is what we will do. Us four, we don’t follow rules. We don’t follow the laws of science, or the laws of the country. But we do follow Jay’s rules, because he has done enough, more than enough, to earn our undying trust in him. And he has created our undying trust in each other.

Metropolis is a top secret part of the World Government, which is something most people know nothing about. The World Government isn’t perfect, nothing is. Some bits of it are corrupted and exploiting. Other parts of it are clever and healing. Metropolis is trying to sort out the world’s problems, but they do not have as much authority as they deserve. We weren’t told everything, there are some gaping holes in our knowledge, but we have dealt with that our whole lives. It’s okay. We have each other, we always have. Me and Mel, Cas and Pete. Closer than siblings.

So we keep running, keep hiding, keep fighting, keep pushing forwards, because that is what is right, that is what Jay wants us to do. He wants us safe, free and happy. Safe from the TJP, who want us to be weapons of mass destruction, as we are. This isn’t a war, this is a fight for freedom, we don’t want to be medical experiments, and we don’t want to be weapons. We want lives, we want to run, but to run towards something, not to run because we are being chased. That is what Metropolis is fighting for, fighting for us, keeping us safe. It had plans and ideas about how to change the world, how to fix the gaping cracks in word societies.  They are fighting for change, and so are we. We are not the only subject of Metropolis, Metropolis is fighting for peace and safety. And if that means running, if that means hiding, then that’s what we’ll do. Because for a long time, Metropolis has not been fighting for us, but with us.

And so we run.

Running for Fire- Chapter 1

I can’t help the cheesy grin spreading across my face as the wind rushes past, giving me a rush of adrenaline. Pete always teases me, telling me I am a complete adrenaline junkie. I tighten my hands on the handle bars, speeding up, then laugh into the wind as Mel’s hands tighten around my waist, her head buried in my back.  She doesn’t like the moped. The lights of this sleepy little town zoom past. Making my heart beat faster and electricity crackle to my fingertips. We’re going too fast to see the stars, unfortunately, but I guess stargazing isn’t the most important thing on our list of priorities right now, the top spot probably goes to staying alive.  I love the feeling of being on the move, whether it’s running or driving the moped doesn’t matter.  It’s quite fortunate then that all we do then these days is run. I pull into the first open supermarket I see, and help Mel, who is always slightly wobbly on the moped, off of it. Squeezing the metal chain, I feel the usual rush of fire through my veins as it melts and splits in two. Looping it around the post I squeeze the two ends together, merging them together. Moped: safe. Mel smacks me on the arm, rather hard.

Tallie! What have I told you about using your- our… abilities in public?!” She hisses, looking up at me, her soft ginger hair falling out of its practical ponytail into her delicate face. Ha. Helmet hair. Looking at Mel, you would think she is soft and girly, but she’s not, not at all. She is both strong and brave, and all of us depend on her. She is our anchor.

“Relax Mel, nobody saw! It’s like one on the morning.” I laugh down at her, but then let my face crease slightly, she looks so on edge, so… scared. I guess I should be too, I’m just not very good at it.  Jay always said that was my worst quality: being stupidly brave. Mel sighs slightly, her eyes skimming the car park of the small 24 hour supermarket. Her eyes shut briefly, and I know she’s scanning for danger, and wondering if anyone saw me. I wait patiently for the verdict, whether we can go inside. When she opens her eyes, there’s no alarm or urgency in them, so I know we’re safe. As we start to walk towards the doors, she turns to me again.

“I know, I know. We still have to be careful, and you know it! Especially after what happened to Metropolis.” Her voice goes quieter, breaking slightly on the last word, despite the emptiness of our surroundings. I sometimes wonder if the Mel occasionally thinks that the voices in her head can hear her thoughts, instead of the other way round. I wince, memories of Metropolis are still painful, despite it having been months since the attack. The thought of the burning complex, which had been all four of our homes for as long as we could remember was like being chucked into a freezing lake. Running an exhausted hand through my short and messy blond-brown hair and suppressing a shiver, I give Mel a short, sad nod before the two of us walk into the supermarket together.

Me and Mel were sat, side by side, on the roof of Metropolis. We had sneaked up there to talk, and because Mel didn’t believe me that you could get up. I mean, getting to high places had always been a speciality of mine, but Mel was better on ground. Don’t get me wrong, we were all brilliant fighters. We were all strong and fast, with athletic builds and quick brains. All of us were trained, ready to fight. We all had our strengths though. Cas could fire an arrow with pin-point deadly accuracy, which helped him when it came to firing a gun as well. Pete was the strongest. He was an excellent fighter when it came to hand to hand combat. Mel was the best at sword fighting, endlessly managing to knock our swords from our hands. I worked best with throwing knives, and I was the fastest. In most of strategy plans, I was the distraction, the bait, because I was fast and light on my feet- good at escaping. Plus, you know, I had a fail-safe escape route if needs be. Mel had excellent balance on land, but up here, on the slippery slate tiles of the roof, she was a little unsteady. I would have been to, if I didn’t spend half my life up here, looking at the stars.


And if I actually had to worry about falling.


I was looking at them now, spread out like a glittering blanket above us. As Metropolis was practically in the middle of nowhere, we always had a great view of the night sky, unhindered by light pollution.


“What would you do, you know, with your life, if not for Metropolis and our abilities?” Says Mel, breaking the rare silence that had come between us. “I mean, if you had a different life, have you ever thought about it?”


The question surprised me. To be honest I hadn’t. I was far too focused on right now, on protecting ourselves from TJP, and all the other governments that would want to exploit us. I had never imagined what it would be like if I was a normal girl, going to school, getting a job.

I told Mel as much. “What about you? Have you thought about it much?” I asked.


“Not really, I was just thinking, like, what if we weren’t here? What would I want to make of my life if this wasn’t my reality? Metropolis only tell us so much about where we came from, our parents, and families, how we got here… How do we now it will ever be safe for us? Will we always live like this?” She shakes her head. “Not that I don’t love this, but, it just makes me wistful, or something.”


That night, when I was lying in my bed, listening to Mels’ soft snores across the room, I thought about it. With a sinking heart I realised that if I was a normal teenager, going to school, I would not have as good a life as I did right now. . I couldn’t imagine me being focused or successful. I would probably be a D grade student, in detention every other week for pranking… I could imagine Mel and Pete and Cas all living there lives to the full, being famous, well-loved, having big and beautiful families They could all be revolutionaries, leaders of the free world. Me? Not so much.


This, this mad, crazy life is all I have. This building, these people, this life. This is all that I am. I have nothing else.

I shake away the memory. Metropolis is gone, I am going to have to deal with it. I focus on the here and now, a trick Jay taught us long ago, and walk through the brightly lit supermarket entrance. You would perhaps find it odd, how something as mundane as grocery shopping could make me feel so happy. Then again, you would probably find more than one thing about my life odd. The fact is that my life is so strange, so odd, is the reason I love boring, mundane things. Feeling like this, like I’m just another face in the crowd, another life, not important, is so amazing.  Especially because for the last few months, the four of us have been so… rushed. It’s been a swirl of running and hiding and training and tears and anger and- just surviving. Just trying to stay alive, trying to keep each other safe.

Of course our training on the run has not been as rigorous as it was back at Metropolis. There we sat for gruelling hour after hour of meditation, time after time of being thrown onto the mat, of fighting until my knuckles bled. Physical Training, Mental Training and Special Training. Those three are what I have grown up learning, not English, Maths and Science. Physical training is what you would expect it to be; running, fighting, with and without weapons, a range of sports, even dance to help our balance. Mental Training was meditation, using our supposedly ‘enhanced’ brains to improve our abilities. Strategy class, my personal hell, was also part of this. Special Training, was individual most of the time, Jay taking us in turns to tutor us each, getting us better and better with our abilities. We also trained together, the four of us fighting together until we were an unstoppable team. Metropolis was my home. It always has been and it always will be, despite it having gone up in flames and smoke. I can still picture it in my head, as vivid and clear as if I were walking down the wood panelled corridors now. There were classrooms and the training room and the Meditation Room and then there was our rooms, special and bizarre. I do miss our rooms.

The four of us each had our own room that was specifically designed to help with our specific ability. Mel had a meditation room, but it was filled with animals, and often had people walking through it. It was full of plants mainly. It was relaxing and peaceful, just like Mel. Using the room, she was able to control her consciousness and send it out to the living things surrounding her, she could learn about their thoughts, emotions, anything. It was incredible, and incredibly useful.

Pete’s room was bizarre. It was a maze of passageways and tunnels, all wallpapered and covered in different pictures, colours and textures. And mirrors, lots of mirrors. Pete, you see, could change his appearance.  He could practically turn invisible, because he could disguise himself as anything, and he could change his looks. It used to make us all laugh when he would walk through a door looking like Dumbledore or something. He would occasionally change into one of us, but Dumbledore was his favourite.

Casper had a kind of boring room. It was plain, due to the fact that all the wall, the floor and the ceiling were covered in removable paper. It looked just like the meditation room, but even plainer than that it had to be. Cas, you see, could see the future. If he mediated long enough, he would see flashes and that what all the paper was for. So he could scribble and daw, letting is mind wonder without focusing on memorising something. He gets feelings, too, psychic ones, that we all knew to follow without question. Cas was always right.

And then there was me. My room was possibly the weirdest. It was huge, to begin with, it was light and airy, with platforms and different points up the walls. The floor was covered in blocks and lumps of… stuff. Metal, wood, plastic, rubber, glass, paper, clay, plants, stone… The list went on. I should explain. I could control fire. And produce it out of thin air. The materials were for me to practise melting different substances, and the high walls, well, they were for me. This is the thing that I had a bittersweet relationship with. As much as Mel, Pete and Cas were my best friends in the world, this set me apart. We were all different, all unique, all freaks, but I was the most different, the most abnormal, the freakiest.

I had wings.


This isn’t an update- sorry but I have lots of plans such as a story I think I will write on here, and a couple more posts written in note books.

My School has this subject called Citizenship, where you advocate for a charity of your choice and I really need someone o comment on my blog post on the website! My charity is the WDC, which I will leave a link to, an they do so much amazing work about saving whale and dolphins, if you are interested, please help them.

So if anyone at all is reading this, help?

Don’t worry if you can’t be bothered. 😀

Thankyou so much!

Blog post:

The WDC:

The Thing about new Year

New years day is kind of surreal. What we are all really celebrating is time passing, which is a bit strange. It is however, a very good thing, and I am someone who likes new year a lot. It is, in the brilliant words of Carrie Hope Fletcher, “a good kick up the backside”. It is a slightly depressing reminder that all you have done for the last few weeks/months/years, is sit on the internet and eat chocolate. It gives you he chance to say, ‘hey! I am going to change this!’ without the stress of finding some motivation. Because of course, if most of the world is also planning on changing their outlook on life, and their life, it makes it so much easier for you.

I have made my new year resolutions this year, and I am ashamed o say that they are basically the same as last year, and they are kind of predictable, standard ones which everyone has. things like “get fit” and “eat healthy” and in my case, “stop dressing like a homeless person”.  A New year, the concept of starting a whole new year, a year that could include anything, is, admittedly, slightly scary. You are standing on the peak of a whole 365 days, that you are responsible for, it can begin to  be a bit worrying.

My New Years Resolutions are as follows:

  1. Actually Attempt exercise (gasp)
  2. Actually Attempt healthy eating (fainting)
  3. Read 100 books.
  4. Write!
  5. Keep going on the blog!
  6. Save money!!! (re-fainting)
  7. Stop dressing like a homeless person.
  8. Organise social events (attempt to have a life)
  9. Get better at cooking, I can’t live on beans on toast.
  10. Do Diving Course.

If anyone is reading this, please tell me your new years resolutions!

Sol Lucet

-Rosie x


Hello and welcome to this brand new corner of the internet. If the internet was a shape, what would it be? It does seem to have a lot of corners. Like all good things, this blog does not have a permanent destination, direction, or route. I personally, prefer things when they are spinning out of control, which is a bit dramatic in this case. What this actually means is that each post is going to be a bit random, at least to start with. Sorry about that. I do have lots of ideas, I would like to express and support causes I care about, write stories, and get down my thoughts and ideas, but how all that is going to turn out, I have no idea.

To give you a little bit of insight about yours truly, here are my 7 obsessions:

1. Harry Potter (GO GO GRYFFINDOR), 2. Doctor Who, 3. Sherlock, 4. The Ocean, 5. Dragons, 6. The Mortal Instruments, 7. Ed Sheeran

I am not expecting this blog to be popular, because I’m not stupid, I would be surprised if this site got any views, but that’s okay. If you are here, you are reading this, then that makes me over the moon. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or ideas blah blah blah etc. etc.

I hope you will join me, I am not going to say “on this journey” because that would be cringey, but I do hope you enjoy the deep, dark, depths of my brain (ish XD). Because, I mean, it is all going swimmingly, right?

Sol lucet 😀

It's all going swimmingly, right?