This is my corner of the internet, a little blank space that I can fill with my stories and obsessions and hopes and rants about shark finning… My name is Rosie, I am a Gryffindor, I want to travel through space and time with the doctor, own a dragon, become a marine biologist and solve crimes with Sherlock.  None of this has happened yet. I did not receive my letter to Hogwarts. (I missed the train Cyann). The TARDIS has yet to land in my garden, my dragon has yet to find me, I am still working on the marine biologist thing and I have yet to meet Sherlock.

Basically I am someone with a lot of opinions and way too much time on my hands and way to many books to read!

Then here is the problem that most of the things I want in life don’t exist, such as George Weasley, and I am far to lost in the planet in my head to contemplate surviving the one in front of me.

Just a little note to say that Running for Fire is dedicated to Lizzie and that it is an original story by me. Copyright Rosie Woodward 2015. Cover image is by Lizzie.

But come on, It’s all Going Swimmingly, right?




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It's all going swimmingly, right?

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