So I don’t think anyone is actually looking at this website, apart from my epic friend Lizzie, and as I said before, that doesn’t bother me. However, if you are looking at this and happen to have an account, I would love for your feedback! If you are reading Running for Fire, tell me who your favourite character is, what you think is going to happen, what you want to happen, if you like it, if you have any questions…. (This is for you too Lizzie- generally interested here!)

If you have any other suggestions/questions/comments that are not to do with Running for Fire, tell me!

Just keep swimming- sol lucet x

excusemeitsrosie x


3 thoughts on “Hiya!”

  1. Rosie I have finally searched you’re blog. Email me cuz we need to talk. Or just find me in school. I am distressed and need some marine-loving advice right now. I’m in shock and having an internal mental breakdown…. Yet my thumbs are still working so I can text just fine


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