Running for Fire- Chapter 4

This little camping site meant a lot to me. I thought it was so human of us to have built ourselves another home in the absence of our own. The fire that crackled in the middle of the clearing, I had produce it out of thin air before me and Mel left, was surrounded by mats, and cooking stuff. A saucepan of boiling water was nearby, as well as the cooler bags that contained food and lean water. Cas was laying out the pot noodles, as well as the other ins and non-perishable food we had bought. Mel scowled and then laughed at me as he pulled a massive bar of chocolate out of the last bag. I just smiled at her innocently.

Shaking my hair out of my face, I sat down close to the fire, feeling it seep into my bones, warming me up. Because of the way I was, I tended to get cold really easily. It was never a big issue though, because when I got too cold, I could simply set myself on fire. Fire didn’t burn me, nor did most hot things, but I didn’t last forever. My clothes, unless they were fire proof, burnt, and my skin burnt too, after a while. When my wings were out, I tended to last a lot longer, which was something none of us could explain. Since I was about 10, I had started wearing fire proof underwear (thankyou metropolis), due to the fact that Cas kept randomly setting fire to me.

I had got used to the heaviness of fire proof clothing, but it annoyed me on the agility front. I used to be the fastest out of us, and my ability to duck around an opponent was my best skill. Me and Pete used to fight for hours on end, him being stronger and me being faster, it was almost impossible for either of us to win.

Pete was talking now, telling us his latest theory. His idea this time was that this whole escape was part of our training, a challenge and test to see how well we would last.

Mel laughed then looking at Pete, “You do know that you could be a brilliant master criminal, right?”

Pete just grinned at her.

“Yeah Pete! You could be Moriaty! Or Voldemort! No- wait, I didn’t mean-“

Too late. He had already morphed his features to become Voldemort.

Roaring with laughter, Pete changed back.

Still grinning Mel asked us all if we wanted anymore noodles. I had already downed two tubs, so I declined. So did Pete.

Cas, however, didn’t reply, he was looking at me, but his eyes were unfocused.


Cas visibly snapped out of his thoughts, as Mel was looked at him, questioningly.

“Sorry, I was lost in thought-“

“As per usual” I interrupted, letting a flame tickle up my arm.

“- what did you say” he finished, ignoring me..

“I said, would you like anymore noodles?”

“No thanks, I’m good.”

“Okay. I’m going to bed, we should move tomorrow.” None of us said anything, but we all caught the wobble in Mel’s voice. The uncertainty that we didn’t know if we would find somewhere else was evident on all our faces.

“I’ll come” Pete’s voice was soft, and the two of them stood, glancing at Cas and me questioningly.

“You two?” Petes voice was tired, so was his face, but his eyes were alive and dancing with the reflected flames from the fire.

“I’m staying here, this is the first time I have been properly warm in ages.”  I was practically lying in the fire, playing with it as it danced and twisted around my fingers.. To anyone else, fire was dangerous, a hazard. But to me, it was beautiful, amazing, part of me.

“I’m staying too” Cas replied to Mel.

Pete and Mel smiled, nodding, before walking into the trees in the direction of the tent.

Cas stood up and lay a little way from me , otherwise the fire would burn him. I turned over and grinned at him, before rolling away from the flames, putting me and my hair out, and lay next to him. The stars above them reflecting in their eyes.

“Let them out” Cas whispered, the words they were barely audible over the crackle of the flames.

“What?” I turned my head, looking at him, her eyes sparkling with surprise.

“Let your wings out. I can tell you want to.”

She smiled, a cheesy grin spreading over her face. “You know me so well.”

I closed my eyes, steadying myself. He I reached to the back of my mind and found the pulsating energy I had discovered a long time ago. I embraced it, feeling the rush of energy and adrenaline. Arching my back, I heard the snap as my wing popped free. Immediately my senses sharpened, as did my thoughts. I could feel the soft breeze in my hair, the crackle of the fire, and the infinite strength and power I always felt when my wings were out

Beautiful, dark wings, strong and powerful, the exact shade of the night sky. Thick, tough feathers changing perfectly into hard scales.  I let a smile grow on my face as I relaxed, feeling relaxed and at peace. I stretched out, my wings extending, passing over the fire. My wings were completely fireproof and I just felt a tickling sensation along with the beautiful feel of warm, spreading towards me. Closing my eyes, I breathed it in.

I sighed, opening my eyes drowsily. Curling against Cas, I put my head on his chest, listening to the steady his heart beat. I folded my wings neatly folding neatly against my back, steading my breathing. Cas carefully put his arms around me, and I exhaled, feeling properly safe for the first time in a while.

Just before my breathing steadied into a complete rhythm, I whispered, “Love you Cas”.

“Love you too Tallie”.

And then we just lay under the blanket of the stars for a long time. The swish of my wings, the whisper of the wind and our breaths, rising and falling in unison. I gently brought my wings back into myself, feeling the normal slight dizziness as my mind adjusted. I then closed my eyes, knowing I could fall asleep, and that Cas would carry me to the tent.

-omnia in finem ardebit

what do you think is going to happen? x


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