The Thing about new Year

New years day is kind of surreal. What we are all really celebrating is time passing, which is a bit strange. It is however, a very good thing, and I am someone who likes new year a lot. It is, in the brilliant words of Carrie Hope Fletcher, “a good kick up the backside”. It is a slightly depressing reminder that all you have done for the last few weeks/months/years, is sit on the internet and eat chocolate. It gives you he chance to say, ‘hey! I am going to change this!’ without the stress of finding some motivation. Because of course, if most of the world is also planning on changing their outlook on life, and their life, it makes it so much easier for you.

I have made my new year resolutions this year, and I am ashamed o say that they are basically the same as last year, and they are kind of predictable, standard ones which everyone has. things like “get fit” and “eat healthy” and in my case, “stop dressing like a homeless person”.  A New year, the concept of starting a whole new year, a year that could include anything, is, admittedly, slightly scary. You are standing on the peak of a whole 365 days, that you are responsible for, it can begin to  be a bit worrying.

My New Years Resolutions are as follows:

  1. Actually Attempt exercise (gasp)
  2. Actually Attempt healthy eating (fainting)
  3. Read 100 books.
  4. Write!
  5. Keep going on the blog!
  6. Save money!!! (re-fainting)
  7. Stop dressing like a homeless person.
  8. Organise social events (attempt to have a life)
  9. Get better at cooking, I can’t live on beans on toast.
  10. Do Diving Course.

If anyone is reading this, please tell me your new years resolutions!

Sol Lucet

-Rosie x


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