Hello and welcome to this brand new corner of the internet. If the internet was a shape, what would it be? It does seem to have a lot of corners. Like all good things, this blog does not have a permanent destination, direction, or route. I personally, prefer things when they are spinning out of control, which is a bit dramatic in this case. What this actually means is that each post is going to be a bit random, at least to start with. Sorry about that. I do have lots of ideas, I would like to express and support causes I care about, write stories, and get down my thoughts and ideas, but how all that is going to turn out, I have no idea.

To give you a little bit of insight about yours truly, here are my 7 obsessions:

1. Harry Potter (GO GO GRYFFINDOR), 2. Doctor Who, 3. Sherlock, 4. The Ocean, 5. Dragons, 6. The Mortal Instruments, 7. Ed Sheeran

I am not expecting this blog to be popular, because I’m not stupid, I would be surprised if this site got any views, but that’s okay. If you are here, you are reading this, then that makes me over the moon. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or ideas blah blah blah etc. etc.

I hope you will join me, I am not going to say “on this journey” because that would be cringey, but I do hope you enjoy the deep, dark, depths of my brain (ish XD). Because, I mean, it is all going swimmingly, right?

Sol lucet 😀


5 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Obsession 1 – YES!
    Obsession 2 – OMGYES!
    Obsession 3 – IOU!!!!!!
    Obsession 4 – pretty good
    Obsession 5 – NORBERTTTTT!!!!!!
    Obsession 6 – don’t really know…?
    Obsession 7 – ❤️


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